Monday, December 15, 2008

Finals, Christmas, and Friends

It's getting close to Christmas time and finals are this week. I totally bombed two of my three classes, which sucks, but I had it coming. This semester has been one where I've focused on my social life and completely snubbed my studies. Next semester is going to have to be different.

But for now I'm sort of just enjoying the Christmas season. I get to be with my friends at school for another week, and then I'm going home to my family and my old high school friends. Down memory road once more...It makes a girl think. That's where I've been; where am I going? There are so many different options, so many different things I could do and be wonderfully happy. I hate making decisions when they are all great.

A little update about boys: I am now dating one of my old friends, who I met when I first moved here. It's so refreshing being able to laugh and joke and not worry as much about whether he likes me or not, because he's already my friend. Plus, he is a sweetheart. He would never hurt me on purpose, and THAT is such a relief. It's nice to not have to worry whether or not he will come by some day and say, "I'm sorry, there's this other girl..." He's such a gentleman. If I'm not careful, I might fall in love with him.

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